Earth and Skye Clothing

Hello! My name is Skylar and I am the brain behind Earth & Skye. My passion for fashion began about 3 years ago. I started out just cutting up clothes in my tiny house on wheels to pass the time on rainy days but once I started to get the hang of the sewing machine it allowed me even more creative freedom when it came to my designs. I was able to expand my offerings and really let my brain go wild in the best ways. Earth & Skye is more than just a clothing brand. I intended it to be an outlet for not only my own creativity but also a way to uplift and empower those around me. By incorporating artwork by my family and myself I found a way to blend my two loves of fashion and art. Through custom made fabrics I create pieces of true wearable art. My brand has grown and changed tremendously over this past year and the constant evolution of Earth & Skye just sets my soul on fire.