About Grace Everest

"graceeverest is designed and sewn by me (Grace Everest)! Every item is handmade with love in Humboldt, California.I began designing and sewing during the pandemic, and am so grateful for your support and the ability to grow as an artist. I started off using exclusively secondhand materials, in order to promote sustainability in fashion. This is a practice I still do my best to incorporate in my growing business. Receiving secondhand scrap materials is a large part of what inspires my creative process. When I do buy new materials no scrap is left behind!Patchwork is often incorporated into my designs. This is a great way for me to use scraps of various materials and create something new. Due to my use of scrap materials, items are typically 1 of 1, or limited quantities. This means that not every item will be available in every size, but also that every item is unique!I love seeing all of you wearing my art and cannot wait to see how we will continue to grow. Sending you love <3 grace"