Sacred Symmetree

“Here at Sacred Symmetree we believe that everyone is traversing a life path and we are all divine creators at our soul level. We believe we should view the vessel in which we walk this path in a holistic way- addressing each part that makes up the whole; body, mind and soul. These aspects are intimately connected, making each of them an important aspect in the picture of our health and well-being. 

What started as a concept for a business class in college, has been growing into reality in the years since then. From just the thoughts to the manifestations themselves, Sacred Symmetree has been expanding with each new experience as a business. The founder, Kaci, has a thirst for knowledge of the natural world and how humanity can live in harmony with nature as a whole. These interests have manifested in many ways, from learning how to use essential oils and taking an herbal apprenticeship to becoming a licensed massage therapist and energy practitioner, and stays forever developing!


At Sacred Symmetree, we abide by four main values that we call The Four Pillars. It is the foundation of our practice and way of life.


treating all equally; fair and just


avoiding judgement; abstaining from criticism


allowing the ego’s desires to be secondary to the soul’s purpose

Unconditionally present

holding sacred space to honor what is taking place in the moment”