Salvage Sistas

"Salvage Sistas believes that up-cycling in our community allows us to create our unique brand –– not only one that’s stylish, chic, AND one-of-a-kind but empowering. 

Salvage Sistas started five years ago with one goal in mind, to make old things new again. Thus began our journey to up-cycle clothing into beautifully unique mittens, ear warmers and booties.

We're creative designers with a passion for up-cycling and a mission to refresh and rebuild while warming hearts and hands.

Meet Christine: I am a Creative stylist. My superpower? With my creative eye I can turn any salvage piece into something new! I have been designing for over 22 years

Meet Michelle: I am a behind-the-scenes Sista. My superpower? I’m the powerhouse social media and website manager that posts all products, answers emails, ships all orders, and much more…

Most importantly, we’re team players and help in all aspects of the business... we LOVE working together! #SalvageSistas #SisterlyLove"