Atomic Bond Glassworks

"My name is McKenna Patterson, I am 23 years old I’m currently living in Michigan, enjoying my time being surrounded by nature, art and the people I love.

I Started creating fall 2019, Self taught using the Tiffany method

I was introduced to stained glass by my grandmother who was a glass lamp maker, who talked about stained glass all the time.

To me the process of stained glass is just as important as the finished piece, you break glass into tiny pieces most people would see no value in and then assemble it into something Beautiful.

I want to make my own wave in the modern stained glass art scene, we’re all breaking away from tradition in our own way and i think i have some ideas no one has ever seen before.

My biggest inspirations are nature, seasons, sacred geometry and geometric shapes, all forms of glass, street art and visionary art

All of my designs are hand drawn and original. Its imperative to me to put MYSELF into my pieces.

I try to think out of the box and incorporate details that are not usually “traditional” such as rare stones, Butterflies, Moths ad cicadas,Crystals, 3D glass elements and Pressed/dried out flower and, ferns and other processes I have created along the way."