Sovereign Healing Co.

“Our mission is to create a bridge between all medicines. Sovereign Healing Co. is here to support, encourage, and practice the right to make confident and informed choices. Including herbal botanical remedies and holistic health perspectives as part of primary care and lifestyle choices.

We are passionate about helping others develop mind-body connection, create health sovereignty, and to live the way we were designed to live. Instead of making decisions out of fear or limitations our goal for you is to be free from chronic stress and connect to your Divine Nature. 

Our approach views the whole person as an interconnected system utilizing the Bio-Psycho-Social model. Paige provides care and guidance on the use and implementation of various healing modalities and philosophies including: Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Yoga & Exercise, Stress Management, Mindfulness & Non-toxic hygiene. 

Paige at Sovereign Healing Co. provides 1:1 virtual herbal consultations, lifestyle coaching including:

Custom organic herbal medicine products

High quality natural & herbal supplementation 

Nutrition & Exercise coaching 

Education & customized holistic lifestyle plans 

Accountability for lifestyle modification to empower you.

The Sovereign healing journey is a path that supports you to unconditional love, growth, awareness, and plant based healing. Providing a safe space to be authentic about your needs & concerns for deeper healing.As a clinically trained Herbalist, a certified Holistic Health Consultant, former Yoga instructor & diverse neurological clinical experience such as chiropractic care and Physical therapy.  It is an honor to be a trusted resource to our community and we look forward to supporting you.”