About Seeds of Life

My vision and goal as a creator is to channel my love for nature, and music into something tangible. I try to capture the essence of a music festival by using bright colors and incorporating many crystals to portray an earthy essence. I fully believe in the healing energies known to emit from crystals when worn close to you, and it always amazes me to think about the magic the earth creates beneath the ground we stand on, left for us to enjoy.  

For those of you wondering where I got my name, I was inspired by the original work of the Band Papadosio. I chose “Seeds of Life” lyrics from their song, specifically because it reminded me of how the earths’ crystals are metaphorically seeds of life. If you know Papadosio, they are always sending the message of Universal Love and Peace: A Perspective and deepness of understanding to life that there should be more of in this world. I try my best to live a life sending only pure love into the world, and free of judgement, for we are all growing- ever changing. Being that I have always been a music lover, and Papadosio being one of my favorite bands, it seemed fitting to carry this message into my business.  

Thank you so much for your visit to my art shop, and I am Sending Light & Love to you and your loved ones!!!