Spacey Macie Designs

"Spacey Macie is a multimedia fiber artist and a student graphic designer. Currently residing on the west coast, and from a small island in Massachusetts. She is finishing up her BFA in Graphic Design. Currently working in the cannabis industry for her day job, her passions outside of art include cannabis and holistic medicine. When she is not working, doing school, or sewing, you can find her in the woods with her dog, traveling, or making delicious meals with friends.

Spacey Macie Designs blossomed during her time living on Haight St in San Francisco as an 18 year old traveling the country, living in her nissan rogue, and finding herself in a large city for the first time. As a longtime deadhead she adored the art and culture in SF and was extremely inspired. That is where she taught herself hand embroidery and fell in love with the craft. She then began to sell her art on Haight St and has developed her craft from there. She uses her art as a means of expression and being able to showcase her true self while also being a catalyst for people to do the same. She creates clothes with the intention of comfort and expression, allowing people to feel like their true selves when they wear her clothes. When you wear Spacey Macie Designs you'll radiate confidence and rainbows. 

She is passionate about fiber arts and encourages everyone to try them. She does some teaching here and there and its something she is getting into doing more often. She does many different types of fiber arts from sewing clothes, hand embroidery, quilting, knitting, fabric collage, and needle felting. 

Spacey Macie can also be found teaching workshops at music festivals as well as doing live embroidery. Some of these have included Lightning in the Bottle, Desert Hearts, and Still Dream. She also vends at small music festivals and warehouse shows.  

Come and step into the world of Spacey Macie Designs and see what it's all about! :)"