Velvet Scrap Tank (Purple)

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"Patchwork is a major component of my designs and is a great way for me to use scraps of various materials to create something new. Each piece that I make is unique and a piece of myself that I have the opportunity to share with others.

Due to my use of scrap materials, items are typically 1:1 of limited quantities. This means that not every item will be available in every size, but also that every item is unique!" - Grace Everest

size XS best fit bust:29-33inches waist:21-25inches

size S best fit bust:32-36inches waist:23-28inches

size M best fit bust:35-38inches waist:27-30inches

size L best fit bust:38-40inches waist:29-32inches

size XL best fit bust:39-42inches waist:32-35inches


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