Meet The Team


Lois Cutter

Chief Executive Officer

Being seen and heard in the chaos of being raised by a single Mom has filled my soul with grit and determination. I was taught to grab life by the shoulders and shake out every possible ounce of it as I move through all the beginnings. I rarely see endings, just new beginnings! I appreciate all the nuances that happen while building business and I thrive on solutions!

I am the grateful mother of four amazing humans who constantly remind me of what matters most. Watching them manifest their own dreams and desires is on the top of my list of favorites! We enjoy traveling together and making life long memories together.

With every ounce of my being, I enjoy seeing others grow and stretch their limits beyond where they thought possible. Encouraging others to dream big is the best!! Watching those dreams come to life is even better.

Walking along side a team of talented professionals is a gift. I love mentoring as much as the air I breathe. I take nothing or no one for granted. I appreciate every ounce of what surrounds me. I encourage myself and my team to embrace Self Care and Love individually so we can share that love with the others whom we are so fortunate to meet.

I founded Elite Hair Design with a mindset of integrity and a true love for people. Understanding the importance of relationships and having a true appreciation for others in the forefront of my mind, rarely do I spend time wavering or doubting much of anything. I believe success is held high in the mind of the individual. I just knew in my heart and soul that it would be amazing... and that it is! Always evolving. Always stretching. Always growing.

With a mindset of growth, I could feel the Vibe emerging, like the lotus flower. Taking her from a thought to creation has been an amazing journey. We have built a beautiful foundation with only good vibes inside. We wish for all who walk through our door to feel empowered and special and to have a positive experience they can call upon when they need it. Like all of the good stuff that builds us up and makes us feel good! As we like to say, “Enter as strangers,,, leave as friends."

We continue to grow in ways I always imagined we would. When the thought of The Vibe was merely just a thought, a feeling, we knew she would be amazing! And this is how our creation earned her name. By having a really great vibe! Our common goal centers around providing the ultimate experience for our guests.

Without you, we could not exist. With you by our side, we thrive! We can’t wait to meet our you! ♥️


Skylar Cutter


Paige Wiley

Chief Operations Officer

Hello, my name is Paige Wiley, The Chief Operations Officer. When I’m not at The Vibe, I am a mom who loves to paint, draw, and create things. I am the face behind Paige’s Pours, hand poured resin art pieces. Being a part of the vibe tribe is not just a job for me, it’s my way of life. At The Vibe we are all about embracing your truest self, and I carry that sentiment with me outside of The Vibe, as well as I do in it. I have held positions in retail, food service, and customer service, where I had my confidence wrecked, and I lost my sense of self. I have never experienced a space where I am supported and encouraged to be the best that I can be. I found that support here at The Vibe. It is important to me that everyone who passes through our doors feels comfortable and safe enough to let their Vibe glow.

Welcome to The Vibe Tribe


Kirsten Hammond

Multimedia Marketing Manager

Dear fellow members of The Vibe Tribe,

Hello, my name is Kirsten Hammond, the Multimedia Marketing Manager of the Vibe Tribe. I started my journey at The Vibe in September of 2021. Lois is a family friend and I have been getting my hair done at Elite Hair Design since I was a young girl. I went to college in Rhode Island for four years so I missed a few things while I was away. One, being the creation of The Vibe. I first learned about The Vibe in February 2021 after Lois reached out to me about an opportunity to model the merchandise. I was thrilled and said "YES," of course! Not long after doing my first little photoshoot, Lois approached me with a job offer. After a couple meetings and a mini internal debate, here I am!

Starting at The Vibe has been one of the best decisions I've ever made! Life after college wasn't going how I expected and I had kind of fallen into a slump. I had always envisioned myself as becoming an empowered business woman, but instead I felt like a voiceless, invisible pawn stuck in someone else's chess game. It took me a while to accept that everyone's journey in life is different; and that society's expectations of me did not determine my worth. However, after the rain there is always a rainbow. The light refracts and the colors start to flow. Thankfully, I decided to follow their lead because it led me to my pot of gold. A safe space for my super creative, passionate, competitive soul to learn and grow. I am surrounded by talented, successful, independent women who inspire and empower me everyday! And I aspire to do the same for as many of you beautiful individuals as well!

Peace, Love, & Good Vibrations

~ Kirsten