About Me - Lois Cutter

Chief Executive Officer & Founder 

I was taught to grab life by the shoulders and shake out every possible ounce of it as I move through all the beginnings. I rarely see endings, just new beginnings! I appreciate all the nuances that happen while building a business and I thrive on solutions!

I am the grateful mother of four amazing humans who constantly remind me of what matters most. Watching them manifest their dreams and desires is at the top of my list of favorites! We enjoy traveling together and making lifelong memories together.

With every ounce of my being, I enjoy seeing others grow and stretch their limits beyond what they thought possible. Encouraging others to dream big is the best!! Watching those dreams come to life is even better.

Walking alongside a team of talented professionals is a gift. I love mentoring as much as the air I breathe. I take nothing or no one for granted. I appreciate every ounce of what surrounds me. I encourage myself and my team to embrace Self Care and Love individually so we can share that love with the others whom we are so fortunate to meet.

I founded The Vibe with a mindset of integrity and a true love for people. Understanding the importance of relationships and having a true appreciation for others. Rarely do I spend time wavering or doubting much of anything. I believe success is held high in the mind of the individual. I just knew in my heart and soul that The Vibe Collective would be amazing... and that it is! Always growing. Forever evolving.

With a mindset of abundance, I could feel the Vibe emerging, like the lotus flower. Taking the concept from thought to creation has been an amazing journey. We have built a beautiful foundation with only good vibes. We wish for all who walk through our door to feel safe, empowered, and special as we celebrate our unique differences. As we like to say, “Enter as strangers,,, leave as friends" 

The Vibe continues to grow in ways I always imagined. When the The Vibe was merely just a thought, a feeling, I knew it would be an experience rather than just another boutique! And this is how The Vibe Collective emerged. Our common goal centers around creating a unique community of talented artists and wellness practitioners while providing the ultimate customer service experience for our guests.

Our spiritual growth walks hand in hand with our vibe. We believe in nurturing ourselves (and those we meet) while always learning new ways to find a peaceful state of consciousness as we come together as One! 

Much love ♥️