About Me - Kirsten Hammond

Fashion Coordinator 

Joining The Vibe team has been one of the best decisions I've ever made! A safe space for my super creative, passionate, competitive soul to learn and grow. I am surrounded by talented, successful, independent women who inspire and empower me every day! Through customer service, social media and web development we are creating a Vibe.

Connecting with The Vibe guests and finding common ground through customer service is something we love. I enjoy having the opportunity to share the same love and interests with those I meet. We never truly know how connected we all are in this life. Fashion and style is a beautiful way that we choose to express our individuality. Sometimes we are uncomfortable to fully embrace ourselves and our styles. I love helping others to feel empowered to wear what makes them happy, comfortable and confident. When someone tries on a new outfit and steps out of the dressing room, they deserve nothing but pure love. I am inspired by the commonality and shared interests of getting to know people and making a difference in their day. You never know who has something to teach you. You never know whose story is going to inspire you. You never know what kind of day, week, or year someone is having, so be the light as often as you can.

Through the power of social media, I hope to inspire our guests to wear what they love and elevate their style. Spreading our joy near and far to help our guests feel welcomed in our space. 

There is art everywhere in the world, yet so much of it goes unseen. We move so fast, we forget to stop and take in our surroundings. The Vibe Collective website is a platform to showcase all of this unseen art. We have created a safe space for individuals to share their true form and energy behind their creations. We are building a community that empowers, uplifts and elevates each other. We are a team of like-minded individuals who are creating a common Vibe. 

Peace, Love, & Good Vibrations

~ Kirsten