Life. The tree of...

Life. The tree of...

Have you ever wondered what the true purpose is… of Life I mean? What is our individual purpose here on this great earth? It’s truly the only thing that doesn’t come with a rule book. It is certainly a personal quest for each of us. Although, even though we arrive here individually, I can’t help but think we are all One! 

Some individuals feel they have all the answers, while others feel they have none at all. Some people exist in life while others really live it! Some take chances and risks while others play it safe. We have great communicators and then those who fall silent. There are leaders and there are followers. Individually we are unique. Together we are One! 

The creativity inside us is our own individual gift. No doubt, we have all been given a unique gift…exclusive to us.

Our choice lies on what we will do with that gift as we explore and expand our true purpose. Tapping into our creative genius can be scary and unsettling. We explore on our well laid out path with what limited resources we have been taught and we evolve into who we were designed to be. But are we living our truest and best life? Is it “our” best life or is it someone else’s vision of who they thought we were to be? It’s important to explore this thought. As each of us moves through the motions, we do what we believe is right for us in that very moment. It is our path! We all have the right to choose our path and follow it. At times, however, we are left to figure things out the best we can. With little guidance and sometimes uncertainty we still have the right to choose. Which path will you take? This is Life! 

Collectively, we are to be kind, caring and loving to ourselves and others, but beyond that, what exactly is the best way to move through it all? I’ve found that most of us move through it in one of two ways and then everything flows from there. We approach life with Love or Fear! Those are the two emotions we use most often to cruise through our time here. 

Love. Waking each day with a grateful heart full of love and acceptance for ourselves and those around us. It seems like the obvious choice. To love and be loved by all those in your path. It’s a beautiful and bright feeling that warms us from the inside out and makes us smile to think how lucky we are to be alive for another day! We see the sun behind the clouds and we feel a level of joy that creates a beautiful aura around us. Our vibration is high and we feel the love in us and around us. We easily overlook the small idiosyncrasies that make us such interesting individuals and move through the motions with elegance and grace. 

Sounds lovely but it’s not always that simple for everyone.

Fear. There are those who wake in a sea of darkness. They try to force themselves to see some light but even with a telescope they simply cannot see. Others wake with a broken heart. Trying to piece together what they did to deserve this type of struggle and pain. Their days are long and not so simple. Sometimes it’s a challenge to get up out of bed, let alone to feel love and joy. As much as we wish, there isn’t much anyone can do to pull them out of it. This is where I wish we had a rule book for life.  A magic wand of sorts. Outlining and explaining in detail how we can get up over it all and shake off the dark feelings that somehow stay attached to us. The fear and anxiety are compounded by more feelings of inadequacy as to why they feel this way at all! Another one of life’s mysteries. 

One. This is where we need to come together in peace and love. A community of like minded individuals who respect, love and celebrate the uniqueness of all living beings we meet on our path. If we could take a simple pause to reflect on a time when we needed support, we might see that we all need a little love. It’s what makes the world go round. To those who have been blessed by the gift of light, we need to remember how important it is to share that light with others. It matters. 

It’s a one stop deal, this thing called life! So, what is the purpose? How do we find the right space? How do we climb up over physical and emotional turmoil? How do we empty the heavy bag we carry?  How do we spread the light and love? What do we do to grow and expand? What is real and what is not? 

 It’s a vibration… 

Stay tuned 


Much Love,


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