Just Be

Just Be

Hello and Welcome to The Vibe Collective and Just Be! 


The common goal. The Vibe Collective and Just Be have deep meaning and purpose. Our mission is woven with love, respect and integrity to make a significant difference in the world. The thread that ties us together comes from a place where we celebrate all the individuality that exists around us. A safe space to Just Be. With light and love, our mission runs deeply through us. We become connected through the Vibe, and then we share that vibe with the world! The ripple effect of a collective group of souls spreading peace and love. 


Just Be.

Two small words with such enormous meaning. As we know, all too well, there are many struggles we face on a daily basis. We try to collect our thoughts and emotions but we can't seem to settle ourselves. Our hearts race and our minds wander while trying to grasp the purpose of our quest. We can't always put into words how we feel, but it is certainly a feeling. A deep feeling of wonder. 


We know what will come of building a new community of visiting wellness practitioners and public speakers. We are a community that will rise like the sun and create a ripple effect of warmth to give people hope that love still exists. And most of all, to feel a sense of peace and tranquility.  We are The Vibe. The traveling wellness village carries Just Be under the wings of The Vibe Collective at our Portsmouth location. 


We have forgotten how to Just Be. By integrating reiki, crystal energy, meditations, breath work, sound healing and various other modalities, we can open the door to Just Be. We will offer classes, workshops and in the near future our restorative wellness retreats. It is our desire to offer your gifted talents to shine upon our guests to encourage their spiritual awakening. We hope to unlock the greatness that lies within each of us and that we may be more peaceful within our divine selves. We have learned that we are One. One vibration, One energy force, One powerful magnet that brings us together. When we tap into that energy, magic begins to untwist itself and climbs through the murky waters and with intention becomes the beautiful white lotus. The common goal is to deepen the connection between our guests and their own individual consciousness.


As we build our spiritual wellness village, we are highly in tune to finding like minded people. As we are considered One, we are brought to each other because of our awareness and appreciation for the gift of Life. We choose to elevate to a higher level of consciousness.

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