Groovy Incense Holder | Blue & Orange

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Expertly handcrafted with beautiful stained glass, this Groovy Incense Holder is a stunning addition to any space. Its unique design combines a lava lamp with a functional incense holder, creating a stylish and practical piece. Add a touch of color and relaxation to your home with this blue and orange incense holder.

Caution: Soldered glass contains lead. Although negligible, please wash your hands after hanging and keep away from small children.

Hanging: Avoid using a suction cup to hang on windows-these can fall easily from a nail or screw in a wall or wood trim.

Cleaning: Periodically dust the piece with a microfiber towel or soft cloth. Overtime oxidation may form on the patina - this is normal. Gently apply wax with the microfiber towel, or soft cloth to the solder and buff until shiny.

Do not clean with any harsh chemicals (including ammonia).

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