About Me - Paige Wiley

Customer Service Manager


I am the Customer Service Manager at The Vibe Collective and the face behind Paige's Pours. I am a proud mother of a wild little boy who shows me everyday what it means to live authentically. Whether he has himself dressed completely backwards, or asking random strangers how their day is, he is always authentically himself, which is a rare find in today's world. He reminds me of what truly matters. I carry this feeling with me when I am supporting our customers at The Vibe.

I love being able to help others find their authenticity through style and art. I am here to help you find the confidence to dress outside of your comfort zones and feel your absolute best. I think part of stepping into your true self, is by choosing clothing and accessories that make you feel amazing. Seeing our guests appreciate The Vibe as much as I do, makes my heart soar. 

As humans, I think one of the things we crave most is connection. There is an innate need for understanding and belonging. For me, The Vibe Collective fills that need. Everyone deserves to feel they are worthy of the space they hold. This is the feeling we want our guests to have from the time they step foot in our door until the moment they leave. It is my goal, as your personal concierge, to provide you with the ultimate service experience! I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this feeling with you when you visit our safe space. We appreciate you! 

It is my life’s passion to help others. I enjoy being a part of making someone’s day a bit brighter. I believe in the giving of one’s self in order to best assist others on their journey. I look forward to guiding you through the Vibe experience with anything and everything you may need. I am here for you! 

Love & Light,

~ Paige